From the archives of Longines with TheWatches.TV is one of the best sources for videos on watches.  They recently posted this gem – an original film reel discovered in the Longines archives containing rare footage of watchmakers at work in the 1900s to 1920s (a time when Longines was at the summit of the industry). bills the footage as the “first corporate movie ever produced by a watch brand“, a contention which may well be true (at least, I’m unaware of anything earlier).

Check it out here, in edited (5 minutes, with intro from the always infectiously enthusiastic Marc André Deschoux) and full unedited (12 minutes) versions.  My highlight is the wonderful use of stop motion to create a beautiful sequence in which a mass of pocket watches assemble themselves to form the word ‘Longines’.


Used Watch Shopping in Tokyo: Part 4 (Shinjuku)

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